LaLiga IPTV – 22.04.2018 – FREE M3U IPTV


Today, 22.04.2018, we post updated iptv links for LaLiga IPTV.

Also we create an m3u playlist which contains iptv links with spanish sport tv channels. You can download m3u list from our website from one on the link below.

When we say LaLiga IPTV, we reffer at an m3u playlist which contains iptv links and you can watch spanish sports tv channels free from your device. We recommand to open m3u playlist with VLC Media Player if you are connected from desktop/laptop, if you are connect to android use Mx Player (see our tutorial how to download sofware for iptv links and how to use them).

Because our m3u iptv list are free, while you watching LaLiga IPTV, the channels can happen to have freeze or lag, so we like to recommand to push “Loop Play” button twice as in the photo below.

After we introduce to you some beginner information and advice, now we like to share with you all the working m3u playlist that contains iptv links with spain sports tv channels.

Download LaLiga m3u List , Download Sport m3u – LaLiga IPTV m3u playlist

#EXTINF:0,beINSport 1 HD - beINSport 1 HD
#EXTINF:0,beINSport 2 HD - beINSport 2 HD
#EXTINF:0,beINSport 3 HD - beINSport 3 HD
#EXTINF:0,beINSport 4 HD - beINSport 4 HD
#EXTINF:0,beINSport 5 HD - beINSport 5 HD
#EXTINF:0,beINSport 6 HD - beINSport 6 HD
#EXTINF:0,beINSport 7 HD - beINSport 7 HD
#EXTINF:0,beINSport 8 HD - beINSport 8 HD
#EXTINF:0,beINSport 9 HD - beINSport 9 HD
#EXTINF:0,beINSport 10 HD - beINSport 10 HD
#EXTINF:0,beINSport 11 HD - beINSport 11 HD
#EXTINF:0,beINSport 12 HD - beINSport 12 HD
#EXTINF:0,BEin Sports EPL 1 - BEin Sports EPL 1
#EXTINF:0,BEin Sports EPL 2 - BEin Sports EPL 2
#EXTINF:0,BEin Sports EPL 3 - BEin Sports EPL 3


What matches you can watch from LaLiga today, 22.04.2018?

Spain LA LIGA – IPTV Schedule
  • 13:00 Girona – Espanyol
  • 17:15 Malaga – Real Sociedad
  • 19:30 Las Palmas – Alaves
  • 21:45 Atletico Madrid – Betis

Below we responds to some of most frequent questions.

Which software to use to watch iptv links?

If you wat to watch free tv channels to your laptop or desktop we recommand to use VLC Media player. After you download m3u list from our website all you have to do is to open m3u playlist with VLC (right click -> open with -> VLC)

How to use iptv links?

IPTV links are inserted in m3u playlist. M3U playlist is a list which contain links to watch tv channels online. M3U list are created to put name on iptv link. If you don’t use name you don’t know which channel you watch. To make it easy, we put name on the link and you now know what channels contains the list.

The links not working?

We know we have some list aren’t working, but we try our best to keep the list updated. You have to understand this list are free and if many people are use them is possible to not work for everybody, so we like when you see we have an list who not working to reply at post and we try to updated the list.

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